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Disc Golf Course Proposal Abilene, Texas

The Rotary Club of Abilene and the ADGA are seeking your assistance with either a cash investment or physical help with the development of a new Professional Disc Golf Course. A championship disc golf course in Abilene would be beneficial for multiple reasons. In studies measuring annual recreational activities, "throwing a Frisbee" has consistently been a Top Ten activity, and a disc golf course serves a broader portion of our community than many narrower interest activities with higher cost, skill or fitness levels required to participate. With increased player presence, vandalism is reduced and also chases away other questionable activities.

While disc golf has relatively low capital and maintenance costs compared with other recreational installations, it is environmentally sound and a world-class disc golf course in Abilene will:

• Help reduce childhood obesity by offering alternative fun outdoor activities
• Keep kids out of trouble and help them boost their self-esteem
• Stimulate the local economy due to tournament play by players from other states
• Become a great addition to the community, designed by #1 course designer, John Houck

We have raised nearly $40,000.00 and need approximately $15,000 additional capital for premium course design and equipment. Please see the cover page for sponsorship/advertising opportunities.

Thank you,
Erik Paul Johnson

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